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Grab Guard 120,000,000 Stun Gun



Designed for Protection and Portability: Long enough to keep you a safe distance from an attacker but small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or the included holster with a belt loop.


Powerful Stun Gun: Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates across the top, it creates an intimidating electrical sound. An attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound don't stop him, a jolt from this unit certainly will!


Bright LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.


Safety Switch: Prevents accidental discharge, the safety switch must be in the on position, and the stun activation button must be pressed before the stun gun will operate.

130 dB Alarm: Scares off a would-be attacker and summon help.

Battery Status Indicator Lights: Ensures you have a full charge before heading out the door.


Rubberized Armor Coating: Protects the unit and ensures a firm grip.

Lifetime Warranty: The Grab Guard 120,000,000 Stun Gun is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty.



    • Grab Guard 120,000,000* Stun Gun
    • Black Nylon Holster
    • Wrist Strap
    • Micro USB Charging Cord

    Grab Guard

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